H3 HID Conversion Kits

H3 HID Conversion Kits
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Choose your kit:  Color Temperature:  Relay Harness (extend the life of your kit):  Capacitors (see bottom for details):  Warranty:  LED Xenon bulbs for License Plate (Include year,make and model of vehicle at the payment page): 
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Product Description



What’s included in a STANDARD HID kit?


2 High Intensity Discharge Bulbs

4 zip ties or brackets

Wiring harness

Warranty card and instructions



What is a relay for?

A relay can be used to extend the life of your HID kit up to 3000 more hours of use. A relay is also used for the following issues: *Highly recommended on vehicles with automatic or day time running lights to install a relay harness to eliminate any power issues with the HID lights. If you are experiencing intermittent problems with one side of your HID system, the cause may be that not enough stable power is being delivered to the ballast on that side. This issue occurs mostly in economy vehicles, vehicles with older batteries, and vehicles running electronic accessories. Therefore, before making a ballast purchase, you may want to consider buying an HID Relay Kit to increase the supply of stable power to your ballasts. The HID Relay Kit features a 20 Amp fuse, the same plug-in style installation as our Conversion Kits, and can be integrated seamlessly to maintain plug-in style installation with HID Conversion Kits that use the same ballast plugs.

HID Relay Kit has also been known to help the following problems: - Headlight Warning when illuminated on European vehicles - One light out in cold weather and where trouble is experienced with Auto-on systems.

What’s a Capacitor for?

Cars with computer controlled headlights, including many vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volvo, Acura, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Volkswagen typically display error messages on the dashboard when aftermarket HID kits are installed. These error messages may sometimes also cause the headlights on the vehicle to “flicker” on and off when the lights are being used.

This error is commonly referred to as a “CANBUS WARNING”.

To resolve this problem is highly recommended to get this special HID capacitor also known as a canceller. Only one is required per set (pair) of HID headlights installed onto a vehicle.

This error message canceller / capacitor are 100% Plug and Play with all of our HID products and is compatible with all sizes. Each vehicle will need a Canceller/Capacitor for each ballast installed.

***Another solution to CAN-BUS System***

Try our Canbus HID kits: Now with built in capacitors to eliminate any issues with computer controlled headlights. Highly recommended for the following luxury vehicles: Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Dodge, Jeep, Mercedes Benz. (Important Note: Please remember your car's bulb size before clicking here for your reference.) Click here

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